Alma Rodriguez Head Coach
From: Los Angeles, CA

Played: 37 years

Accomplishments: Paralympic Athlete, Wheelchair Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee, 2017

Hobbies: Photography

Passion: having a beautiful family and living a healthy lifestyle
Alicia Ibarra #13
From: Los Angeles, CA

Played for: 34 years

Greatest accomplishment: Tried out for the Paralympic team in 1992

Hobbies: Reading, scrapbooking, painting, drawing, and photography

Passion: Being a great mother to my son
Betty Cruz #12
From: Long Beach, CA

Played for: 35 years

Greatest Accomplishment: National Champions 3 years in a row with the LA Sunrise, 1987-1990; Second place at Women's Nationals with shooting stars, 1999-2001, and shield maidens, 2016

Hobbies: Dancing, Crocheting, bowling, and socializing

Passion: Basketball, dancing, and to always become a better person for me and my family
Courtney Ryan #55
From: San Diego, CA

Played for: 6 years

Greatest Accomplishment: Australian National Championship, 2017 Sydney Blues; National Championship, 2013 U of A Wildcats; 5 First Team All Tournament Awards; USA Team Member, 2012-2014; Quickie Player of the Game at Worlds 2014

Hobbies: Crossfit, Personal Training, photography, and hanging out with my family

Passion: Family and advocating healthy lifestyle
Le'Toi Adams #4
From: Palmdale, CA

Played for: 1st year

Greatest Accomplishment: owning a sports chair

Hobbies: Movies, exercising, bowling, going to the beach, shopping, talking and laughing

Passion: Having fun and enjoying life
Michelle Jenkins #14
From: Stokton, CA

Played for: 3 years

Greatest Accomplishment: Going to 2017 Men's Nationals with the D1 Sacramento Rollin' Kings

Hobbies: Traveling ad spending time with my husband

Passion: To be an advocate for the disabled community and disabled children
Molly Bloom #42
From: Denver, CO

Played for: 10 years

Greatest Accomplishment: National Championship, 2014 U of A Wildcats; National Championship, 2011 Denver Nuggets

Hobbies: Cooking

Passion: Nerding out with my wife!
Sarah Kirwan #52
From: Fort Collins, CO

Played for: 4 years

Greatest Accomplishment: My greatest wheelchair basketball accomplishment has yet to come

Hobbies: Stand-up paddle boarding, reading and writing, snowboarding

Passion: Disability Rights advocacy
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