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Our Story

Who are we?

Team PossAbilities Shield Maidens are a women’s wheelchair basketball team in Southern California. Since the team was founded by Courtney Ryan and Molly Bloom in 2015, it has competed in the National Wheelchair Basketball Women’s Division. The Shield Maidens bring together a wide range of talent. Some of the team’s athletes have competed in the LA region for over twenty years; many have played on local men’s teams; others have played on collegiate women’s teams, where they have won National Championships; some have qualified for National teams, competed in World Championships and Paralympic Games and helped their country secure gold medals; the Shield Maiden’s roster even includes two Wheelchair Basketball Hall of Fame Inductees! With athletes of such deep and diverse experience, it is no wonder that the PossAbilities Shield Maidens placed 4th in their first Women’s Wheelchair Basketball National Championship in 2016 and 2nd in 2017, 2018 and 2019!


Partnership with PossAbilities

PossAbilities has been the title sponsor of the Shield Maidens since the team started. The organizations funds much of the team travel, equipment and uniforms. In addition to financial support, many Shield Maidens have been exposed to other athletic opportunities through PossAbilities, such as handcycling, triathlons, and wheelchair racing.


What are Shield Maidens?

Do you know what a Shield Maiden is? Probably not, and that's ok. We are here to educate you! For the Vikings, being a woman did not necessarily mean you were excluded from the favored pastime of battle. Some women, following the mythical spirit of the Valkyries, took up shields and axes and took to battle. These women were Shield Maidens, and it is in their anthletic footsteps that our team follows. As female athletes with disabilities, we face our modern day battle against marginalization and lack of resources with battle cries and crashing of basketball wheelchairs. 

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Our History
  • 2016 - Placed 4th in their first Women's Wheelchair Basketball National Championship 

  • 2018- Battled the Milwaukee Bucks in the championship game, losing by only one point in overtime

  • 2017 - Placed 2nd in their second season as a team                               

  •  2019- Placed 2nd against our biggest rivals, the Milwaukee Bucks

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